Wobble Back in the Charts! Yay!

Wobble was apparently featured on  Japanese TV over the weekend, although I haven’t seen the show it must have been good! :-)

TBS, (Tokyo Broadcasting System) featured Wobble on a show called, “Kakumei TV” (Revolutionary TV in English) which airs once a week nationwide in Japan.

“The show introduces various new things, from new inventions such as machines, games, robots, etc. that would become a role in bringing about a revolution to our future.” said the producer Miyuki Tachibana

I can tell you that the sales figures from this jump back up the charts are somewhat higher than last time Wobble was in the charts in Japan. It’s great timing too for all the lovely people that have bought Wobble – they get an awesome update in a few days – I think we have finally fixed the problems that Apple had this time with the apps, we removed an in app sales feature and will address it separately, release is imminent.

Wobble for iPad is also going to be released at the same time, as well as Wobble Free – all feature updates for iOS4.2 and a few tweaks, PLUS an awesome new secret feature. :-)

Wobble is at number 48 overall and number 7 in Entertainment in the Japanese Appstore.

Wobble number 48 in Japan

Still waiting WOBBLE

My oh my, this must be hard… We’ve added a small feature and Apple have taken a month so far to release an update to our customers?

Plus we’ve updated to iOS version 4.1 – long overdue.

We uploaded updates for approval on 14th October – one month ago!

Apple apparently control all this to improve user experience – well if you have an iOS 4.1 device you currently can’t run Wobble if you already bought it, or buy it if you didn’t. FRUSTRATING.

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About Blabr

OK, so what and why is Blabr?

The Blabr iPhone App (also blabr.com ) is an innovative audio sharing app, to start with we decided to go with a short 5 second limit, because it is mainly aimed at photo and place sharing within Facebook and Twitter. Blabr also allows short private back and forth chat.

We’ve thought most listeners within these sharing environments would prefer short meaningful messages rather than long winded one way voice messages. Have you ever had someone leave a 5 or 10 minute voicemail? I have, and I didn’t listen to it! I can see that if you wanted to do a voice interview or record a lecture you might want longer than 5 seconds, we may offer an upgrade in the future, but I doubt it will ever be unlimited. Anyway most people simply dont do interviews, more importantly their friends don’t want to hear them! We think a short description of a photo or a place is useful.

Blabr.com and the iPhone app are in version 1 having been released a couple weeks ago, so the UI is being tweaked after user feedback along with some server tweaks to up the scalability and performance before promotion of the service begins.

A public API and several cool demo apps will be launched in Jan/Feb