Still waiting WOBBLE

My oh my, this must be hard… We’ve added a small feature and Apple have taken a month so far to release an update to our customers?

Plus we’ve updated to iOS version 4.1 – long overdue.

We uploaded updates for approval on 14th October – one month ago!

Apple apparently control all this to improve user experience – well if you have an iOS 4.1 device you currently can’t run Wobble if you already bought it, or buy it if you didn’t. FRUSTRATING.

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3 thoughts on “Still waiting WOBBLE”

  1. I have a question. Will Wobble HD be available on the iPhone, or is it iPad only? I’m frankly sick of waiting for Apple to approve the new version (can’t have an indecent app next to the already approved one about female orgasms!) so if Wobble HD won’t be usable on the iPhone I’ll just buy Premium now and update if/whenever Apple allows it.

    I’d hate to miss out on a nifty new feature by doing that though. :)

  2. I know, we’re getting over the waiting too!

    Apple have forced us to make the HD version iPad only – which is daft, but there you go…

    Wobble Premium will have all the features of wobble HD, but won’t work on the iPad…

    thanks for your support :-)

  3. I just paid 3.99 for HD 3D and the app is asking for another .99 for the 3D?
    And I would like to be able to make the circles smaller.
    I have had the basic for over a year now.

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