Wobble Back in Top 100 USA

Wobble Premium is now at number 48 in USA top grossing Entertainment apps, moving up. I guess the updates have met with approval from our fans – thanks to all of you, and don’t forget to tell your friends :-)

We also dropped the price for the next week to just $0.99, so if you have always wanted Wobble – now is the time to get it, you save a buck, wow :-)

Wobble number 48 in Appstore.png







3 thoughts on “Wobble Back in Top 100 USA”

  1. I am sorry, but will the picturing resizing bug I reported a month ago will ever be fixed? I saw the latest update and disappointed to see the problem still exists.

  2. 1. How do you quit this apps? No quit button. If you press the home key of the iphone to quit or if you don’t want to save the file, the apps is still running behind multi tasking and it’s draining the battery.
    2. How to disable the autosave? Everytime i open this apps, the last image still there and it automatically saves it again so you will end up with 2 or more (depends how many time you openned the apps) of the same images.
    3. When you save a file it gives you a wrong time…one hour early

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