Stats on the first full day.

Geez, I thought it was going to be big. I had a feeling people might see the fun in the App and all that, but nothing like this.

Worldwide sales on day one were just 32, nothing to shout about.

Worldwide sales on day two were 1627, from 20 countries.

I’d like to thank my friends for helping push the message out, and a few well placed mailing lists and web wire distributions.

By way of comparison it took iFart 4 days to get to this volume of sales. And Joel is a marketing guru.

I guess farts are not as popular as boobs! 😀


The Wobble story has gone pretty viral – it’s now on over a hundred blogs worldwide, Gizmodo and The Register and many more great publications know a great thing when they see it :-)

Comments of the day:

”Darn… I dropped my iPhone and it accidentally downloaded Wobble. Guess I’ll have to find a use for it now.

”The best part is when he says to pinch them to make them smaller”

Youtube views 7pm AU time 17_1_09

I think we can safely say there has been a bit of interest – not bad in 24 hours or so…

Now I’m just looking forward to seeing the sales stats.

Please note to delete a  saved composition swipe over the line where it is saved and a delete option appears (will be enhanced in V2, as will a few other things)

Wobble coming to a screen near you

Next time you see someone shaking their phone up and down and laughing you are going to know what they are up to!

The Register in the UK ran a story this morning.

The iPhone blog did too.

The demo video on Youtube is at 4746 views. (oh update that to 14,222 – 10,000 watched it while I was drafting this…

Sales yesterday were a massive… 32 woohoo – only another 312 days to break even 😉

Remember Baywatch – and the Hoff? We’re gunna move more breasts than they did in the opening credits…

Wobble iPhone Application Moves What iBoob Couldn’t

Apple recently declined the iBoob iPhone Application on the grounds that it was indecent, but with over a million views on the iBoob YouTube demo there is clearly a huge demand for wobbly boobs on the iPhone. Whereas iBoob was animated and very limited in scope the new WOBBLE Application will make any body part wobble in a realistic 3D manner. 

iPhone or iPod Touch owners who purchase the $0.99 WOBBLE application through the Appstore Link can make any number of body parts in any photo wobble.

The user can take a photo of anyone or anything using the inbuilt iPhone camera, and then open the Wobble Application. Select a photo to animate, then position the round Wobble region overlays on the photo, then tap preview. Shaking the phone up and down, side to side or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen regions to move as if they were real, or fake as the case may be.

It is completely up to the user what they choose to animate, and no photos or images ship with the Application. Ideally (IMHO) breasts should be chosen, but that is up to the user!

Wobble will work with any photo either taken by the user or saved from the web or email.

The northern Hemisphere might be in the middle of winter but on the Gold Coast of Australia the Developers of the new Wobble iPhone Application have been hard at work building boob wobbling software. Beta testing the software would clearly have been an arduous task, hence the need for a glorious beach nearby.

My iPhone Home Screen


It stands to reason that you put the most commonly used Apps on your Home Screen and the critical ones on the docking bar.

I rarely edit the screens now that I have them setup. So there seems to be some detritus washing around in the middle 3 screens. games and so forth which I rarely look at, but just don’t want to delete.

I guess the Home Screen is really where you have things you don’t want to be without – and in my case they represent a good deal of my online time each day.

Most of these are self explanatory, but for those unfamiliar with some of these here are my excuses reasons for having them:
Forex: important to know the exchange rate when dealing internationally
Stocks: Normally easy to pick where the Forex is heading – at least in AUD
iPedia and Wikime – rarely used but nice to know they are there. Both are useful when I want to prove myself right (or wrong as happened once)
Shazam: This would have to be my second favourite App, I find that I use it constantly in the car (where I listen to the radio a bit) to work out what music I need to buy/find when I get home.
Pkt Weather is useful in Brisbane, we’ve had a few storms lately and I need to know when the garden is going to need some water.
Appstore – I really must update those 23 Applications that I never use.
IceTV Only useful in Australia, and only then if you have MediaCenter, I do and I have – so I use this to program the DVR when I’m out of the house or whatever.
Kanji Flip A great way to learn kanji – I need more practice, but I’m getting there – soon I could read a sign that shows where the trees are on the mountain, near a river :-)
Japanese great for travelling – find the word or phrase and it says the words for you – or you can try yourself.
WOBBLE – ah where would I be without WOBBLE – standby for the launch.

It would be remiss to not comment on Google Reader that appears within the browser of course. The trends section in Reader reveals some sad facts about my sleeping habits… Not so much the stats: From my 72 subscriptions, over the last 30 days I read 5,833 items, starred 80 items, shared 69 items, and emailed 46 items. Look at the time of day I do all this reading!

reading trends

Speaking of Farts

I wonder if Joel has any usage data on his iFart application – has he calculated for example how many minutes each phone farts for?

By my rough calculations if each user farts their phone for 1 minute; that one application could be responsible for 6500 hours of farts per month.

If these farts were real the carbon footprint would be huge.

We’re seeing a bit of a decline in the iFart sales in Australia – it got up to #5 now it’s back to #9.  Is it being held up in the USA with PR or are the sales chart positions responsible for sales? It’s an interesting question – which we’ll get the answer to soon enough…

As I said on Joels blog:

“Ultimately the "marketing" is the secret sauce here isn’t it? Sure the numbers are interesting (it takes between 9760 and 13,274 to put an app at number one)

What we don’t really know is if you get that many sales by virtue of being number one, or spending $50,000 marketing gets you sufficient sales to push you to number one… obviously a combination.”

In Review… still


Wobble was uploaded the first time on 30 December. It was declined for the first time because of a problem with an image file on 6th January, corrected within a few hours and resubmitted.


It was rejected again on 9th January, this time it was a programming issue – a bit more involved but a new version was resubmitted 11th January. (not sure why this problem wasn’t pointed out back on the 6th, but I guess Apple are busy)


Wobble is in review again.

I can’t wait to launch this thing – it’s going to blow smoke rings around iFart (the current top of the charts)


Hi readers…

ChilliFresh is a blog about technology, whatever is hot and fresh!  In it I intend to discuss what’s good and bad in the Apple Appstore, what’s new and improved in the tech world as well as publicise the Applications Glentwood has developed…

My name is Jon Atherton, formerly the CEO of – which was sold in early 2008. I reckon it looked much nicer when we owned it! I’m now working for Glentwood promoting their WOBBLE Application.

I’m a keen organic gardener in my spare time, and I’m hoping to teach my 3 kids that food comes out of the ground and chooks bums rather than a packet… What’s more growing food is pretty easy and very fulfilling.

I’m also big on fishing when I get a chance and I’m rather anxious to catch a barramundi over a meter long – my previous best being 96cm.

In general I’d rather be skiing the deep dry powder in Northern Japan.