Wobble iBoobs – The Long Tail

Just how long is the long tail?

If you haven’t heard of Wobble – the boob wobbling App for the iPhone – you might be surprised to learn that it sat at the top of the Appstore Charts for much of 2009 – it’s been around for the entire Mobile Age…

Since launch Wobble has been installed over 1.2 Million times and earned almost 1/2 a million dollars! 

There are probably a bunch of people who frown upon such things, and to be honest they’re right. But Wobble cost about $30,000 (including updates) and has earned a lot of money, I’m no Frank Underwood, but the numbers make it worthwhile… Wobble iBoobs is rated 5 star and has been almost since launch. After 7 years on the Appstore I thought I might share some numbers.

In early 2009 around 10% of all phones had Wobble installed – it would be nice to see those numbers now! :-)

There are a few things that led to the success of Wobble iBoobs:

  1. Simple App – it does one thing well.
  2. Know the target market – this isn’t for everybody, but pretty much everybody gets a laugh!
  3. Listen to customers in the target market – ignore everybody else.
  4. Improve to the point of solid 5 Stars and leave it alone.

Take a look at our reviews below – those that download it – love Wobble Premium:

Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium
Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium


Sales… This chart is straight out of iTunes connect.

The Long Tail of Wobble iBoobs Sales
The Long Tail of Wobble Sales


Wobble iBoobs - Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!
Wobble iBoobs – Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!


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Wobble Updates Soon

Wobble iBoobs has been cruising along very nicely for over two years now, with well over a million installs and income of more than $500,000 in that time. time to give it a bit of a poke and see if we can get back into the charts!

We’ve been working on some other projects but have now decided to bring Wobble up to date, with a big list of improvements.

Last year we launched 3D and the HD versions which saw a large number of downloads and updates… for our next trick we’re adding all the features which users have ever suggested :-) plus some innovative new ideas and control functions that are pretty entertaining.

It’s also time for a revamp, we’ve engaged IconFactory to give Wobble a bit of a tart up, and I think you’ll like what we have in store!

It’s quite interesting to note that Wobble for iOS sells more in a day that Wobble for Android makes in a month, Android users either can’t or just don’t buy Apps. Market share is one thing but if the users don’t buy apps; I can’t see the point of developing for Android?

Wobble for Android Released

We released Wobble for Android a few weeks back

You can get Wobble iBoobs for Android here

Wobble for Android works just like Wobble for iOS – updates coming soon.


Wobble iBoobs for Android help screenshot


























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