Wobble iBoobs – The Long Tail

Just how long is the long tail?

If you haven’t heard of Wobble – the boob wobbling App for the iPhone – you might be surprised to learn that it sat at the top of the Appstore Charts for much of 2009 – it’s been around for the entire Mobile Age…

Since launch Wobble has been installed over 1.2 Million times and earned almost 1/2 a million dollars! 

There are probably a bunch of people who frown upon such things, and to be honest they’re right. But Wobble cost about $30,000 (including updates) and has earned a lot of money, I’m no Frank Underwood, but the numbers make it worthwhile… Wobble iBoobs is rated 5 star and has been almost since launch. After 7 years on the Appstore I thought I might share some numbers.

In early 2009 around 10% of all phones had Wobble installed – it would be nice to see those numbers now! :-)

There are a few things that led to the success of Wobble iBoobs:

  1. Simple App – it does one thing well.
  2. Know the target market – this isn’t for everybody, but pretty much everybody gets a laugh!
  3. Listen to customers in the target market – ignore everybody else.
  4. Improve to the point of solid 5 Stars and leave it alone.

Take a look at our reviews below – those that download it – love Wobble Premium:

Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium
Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium


Sales… This chart is straight out of iTunes connect.

The Long Tail of Wobble iBoobs Sales
The Long Tail of Wobble Sales


Wobble iBoobs - Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!
Wobble iBoobs – Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!


Tap Here to Install Wobble Premium – Wobble iBoobs!



Wobble HD On Sale $0.99 (About Bug Fixes)

We’ve just put Wobble HD on sale for $0.99 down from its usual price of $4.99.

Get it today!

Last week we launched a new feature with Full Screen Wobbles, unfortunately a small bug was introduced by a tiny little change after we had done our usual round of testing.

Testing was performed using various devices:

  • Apple devices: iPod 2G/3G/4G, iPhone 3G/3Gs/4G, iPad 1G/2G with various iOS versions.
  • Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 (Android 2.1), Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 2.2), Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3.1), Motorola Droid X (Android 2.2), HTC Gratia A6380 (Android 2.2), HTC G1 (Android 2.1).

Anyway, what happened? The incompatibility issue with wobbles saved in previous Wobble versions was caused by a last-minute fix. In the final QA iteration we found a few minor issues with sharing wobbles, and we had to change the format of shared wobbles. The format of shared wobbles is not directly related to saving wobbles locally, but this change indirectly affected the wobble saving functionality and caused the error in loading saved wobbles.

Not knowing about this bug… this new version was uploaded, and I waited for the inevitable 5 star reviews on our brand new feature… what… 1 star?? oh noes – bug… panic!

Software team was notified and we had a bug fix within a few hours, then an email to Apple to test our friendship “Can you please approve this new version like now?” Apple were very helpful, and sent me this:

“Thank you for contacting us to request an expedited review for your apps. We now have a Request an Expedited App Review form <http://developer.apple.com/appstore/contact/appreviewteam/index.html> available through the App Store Resource Center for making these requests.

And they approved it within 24 hours – great! Really happy with their process – they sure have come a long way in 2.5 years.

And yes, then the 5 Star reviews did start rolling in – all is right with the world we can get back to the serious business of Wobbling boobs :-)

(Features coming next week – Android live Wallpaper – this one is great! Pin code protection for Wobbles – *finally* I hear you scream… oh and a few surprises!


Wobble Updates Soon

Wobble iBoobs has been cruising along very nicely for over two years now, with well over a million installs and income of more than $500,000 in that time. time to give it a bit of a poke and see if we can get back into the charts!

We’ve been working on some other projects but have now decided to bring Wobble up to date, with a big list of improvements.

Last year we launched 3D and the HD versions which saw a large number of downloads and updates… for our next trick we’re adding all the features which users have ever suggested :-) plus some innovative new ideas and control functions that are pretty entertaining.

It’s also time for a revamp, we’ve engaged IconFactory to give Wobble a bit of a tart up, and I think you’ll like what we have in store!

It’s quite interesting to note that Wobble for iOS sells more in a day that Wobble for Android makes in a month, Android users either can’t or just don’t buy Apps. Market share is one thing but if the users don’t buy apps; I can’t see the point of developing for Android?

Wobble for Android Released

We released Wobble for Android a few weeks back

You can get Wobble iBoobs for Android here

Wobble for Android works just like Wobble for iOS – updates coming soon.


Wobble iBoobs for Android help screenshot


























Wobble iBoobs icon








Wobble Updates Released

We’ve just released a bunch of new Wobble updates.
Wobble HD 3D
Wobble Lite
Wobble Premium
Wobble Free

Please go buy them all 😉
(and tell your friends to as well!)

I know you have been waiting patiently, and Apple have taken a long time to review them – 8 weeks in total..! Anyway, it was worth the wait, and if you want to Wobble Boobs on any iOS device you can now do so – Wobble HD is particularly impressive – grab the 3D upgrade and your 3D blue/red glasses for 3D wobbly magic :-)


blabr – New Free iPhone, iPod and iPad App

New Release – it’s Free.

Setup an account at www.blabr.com then download the blabr iPhone App here

blabr – Speak what’s on your mind – send short voice messages privately to friends OR public to the world! Works with the blabr.com website, Facebook and Twitter.

“Do we need some milk? I’m in the car”
“Check out this photo – that’s Trish in Norway!” 
“I’m at the bar with Ian, join us now” 
“On our way to your place, see you in 5” 
“Hi kids, the beach is great, wish you were here” 

No need to type SMS, just speak and send, you can laugh for real no need for :-) or LOL’s.

★Add photos
★Add GPS – soon
★Add URL’s – soon

★Start blabbing now in just 3 easy steps! ALL for FREE!★

Download the iPhone app and tap ‘Record’… tap ‘share’ and you are done.

Your blab can be up to 5 seconds long, and you’ll soon be able to extend this limit if you want.

Tap ‘share’ to post your blab at blabr.com, and also on Twitter & Facebook if you like.

Plus you can add pictures, URLs and soon your current location too!

All your listeners get instant updates and you can play back their blabs too.

Your audio messages are quick & easy (no typing) and over the web so no txt costs

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wobble Share Day 1

We launched the new version of Wobble yesterday, and so far over 1000 Wobbles have been shared via Hotwobble.com. using the new Share feature on Wobble. Those shares have generated more than 12,000 page views and added about 25% to our sales across all the apps that are advertised on the Hotwobble site.

Happy with that so far.

I’m not so happy with some of the users of HotWobble though – some are uploading purely pornographic pictures which is causing me a lot of extra work right atm! We’ll have a “report this” link hotfix deployed in the next day or so,. The flag/moderation system will automate the screening of images and hopefully the Wobble community will self police to a degree.

There have been a lot of funny pics uploaded, and a LOT of images of um, visually appealing women (NSFW) uploaded in the first day, and I guess this will continue, given that Hotwobble is primarily designed to allow direct sharing between iPhones and iPods and secondarily direct to PC/Mac browsers!

At the moment I am manually deleting porn, and anything that includes genitalia, regardless of how funny some of these are ( I won’t elaborate)!

Try shaking the phone below ;-) 

Wobble Share is Live!

So now you should buy Wobble Premium if you haven’t already! :-)

Word of warning! Some users have already uploaded some NSFW images to Hotwobble.com! We will have a filter available later today I hope to remove some of the more offensive things exercise care in the mean time..

In the new version of Wobble Premium you can:

1.  Share and receive shared Wobbles – in the Free and Lite versions you cannot receive Wobbles from friends (you can still view them on a PC/Mac, but not the iPhone or iPod.) So here’s a hint: buy the premium version :-)

2. Blow on the Wobbles to make them move – this is pretty funny and must be seen :-) I’ll upload a video soon to demo.

3. You can send Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have Wobble installed. They will get a link like this:
http://hotwobble.com/wobble/UpEqJR3ECPS3hLqpIJpDEQ in their email.

4. You can embed Wobbles in your blogs/profiles/social pages like this:

Wobble Boobs More Fun Than iFarts (Surprised?)

As I mentioned below, the first two days delivered a surprising result for me:

– 1623 sales on day one.
– 1797 on day two.

In comparison iFarts first three days were just 75, 276 then 841.

So I guess people are more inclined to play with Boobs than farts.

We are planning a number of new features next week which will be released as a free upgrade, including Auto Wobble – a marvellous Hands Free Kit, which may be useful while driving?!

Any other feature requests please leave them in the comments.

Wobble iPhone Application Moves What iBoob Couldn’t

Apple recently declined the iBoob iPhone Application on the grounds that it was indecent, but with over a million views on the iBoob YouTube demo there is clearly a huge demand for wobbly boobs on the iPhone. Whereas iBoob was animated and very limited in scope the new WOBBLE Application will make any body part wobble in a realistic 3D manner. 

iPhone or iPod Touch owners who purchase the $0.99 WOBBLE application through the Appstore Link can make any number of body parts in any photo wobble.

The user can take a photo of anyone or anything using the inbuilt iPhone camera, and then open the Wobble Application. Select a photo to animate, then position the round Wobble region overlays on the photo, then tap preview. Shaking the phone up and down, side to side or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen regions to move as if they were real, or fake as the case may be.

It is completely up to the user what they choose to animate, and no photos or images ship with the Application. Ideally (IMHO) breasts should be chosen, but that is up to the user!

Wobble will work with any photo either taken by the user or saved from the web or email.

The northern Hemisphere might be in the middle of winter but on the Gold Coast of Australia the Developers of the new Wobble iPhone Application have been hard at work building boob wobbling software. Beta testing the software would clearly have been an arduous task, hence the need for a glorious beach nearby.

Speaking of Farts

I wonder if Joel has any usage data on his iFart application – has he calculated for example how many minutes each phone farts for?

By my rough calculations if each user farts their phone for 1 minute; that one application could be responsible for 6500 hours of farts per month.

If these farts were real the carbon footprint would be huge.

We’re seeing a bit of a decline in the iFart sales in Australia – it got up to #5 now it’s back to #9.  Is it being held up in the USA with PR or are the sales chart positions responsible for sales? It’s an interesting question – which we’ll get the answer to soon enough…

As I said on Joels blog:

“Ultimately the "marketing" is the secret sauce here isn’t it? Sure the numbers are interesting (it takes between 9760 and 13,274 to put an app at number one)

What we don’t really know is if you get that many sales by virtue of being number one, or spending $50,000 marketing gets you sufficient sales to push you to number one… obviously a combination.”

In Review… still


Wobble was uploaded the first time on 30 December. It was declined for the first time because of a problem with an image file on 6th January, corrected within a few hours and resubmitted.


It was rejected again on 9th January, this time it was a programming issue – a bit more involved but a new version was resubmitted 11th January. (not sure why this problem wasn’t pointed out back on the 6th, but I guess Apple are busy)


Wobble is in review again.

I can’t wait to launch this thing – it’s going to blow smoke rings around iFart (the current top of the charts)