Wobble for Android Coming

We’re about 50% complete with Wobble for Android, so stay tuned for Wobbling goodness on the Android platform.

Just need to discuss some copyright issues on that store – a few apps are using our ideas directly – but worse they have lifted our design and graphics!

A job for the legal department I guess, unless they want to sell for a reasonable price.

Family Asked To Cover Up Nude Snow Woman – Icy reception – Jezebel

Must have been near an Apple Store…!

Family Asked To Cover Up Nude Snow WomanElisa Gonzalez and her kids were asked to clothe their Venus de Milo snow sculpture after New Jersey police received complaints.

WTF is with America anyway?

via Family Asked To Cover Up Nude Snow Woman – Icy reception – Jezebel.

Apple Backflip – Wobble Back in Appstore!

Please RETWEET this…

A week of campaigning has paid off – phew – for a while there the world was without an app to jiggle boobs with!


ready for sale

This company has lost 1000’s of dollars in the last week due to Wobble being removed from sale..

What did we have to change? Well not much.

If you support our position that the Appstore should not be censored,  I’d really appreciate it if you blog tweet and generally spread the word that Wobble is back in the store, let’s try and get it up past Playboy and show Apple what you think of their rules :-)

A small indi developer has managed to pressure Apple into changing their minds.

I’m convinced that:
a. Wobble should never have been removed from the store in the first place. It was not overtly sexual.
b. Many other Apps were wrongfully taken down too. But some are back.
c. Apple didn’t realise what a huge stir this would cause and have tried to fix the problem. A week late.
d. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get Wobble back to where it should be – most people in tech have written that it has been removed, many consumers now wont even look for it.

Warning to Parents – The Appstore is NOT Safe. NSFW

Is this an astonishing act of double standards and complete policy failure or what?

Parents who thought it was ok to let their children roam through the Appstore unsupervised should be aware that it has not been cleaned up – in fact just the opposite – new adult content has been added since the purge!
[ I have published a tutorial to show you haw to block this stuff if you need to]

Believe it or not, Apple have released this App on the very day that Apple were attempting to dress up their Appageddon with the BS “save the children” spin.

I mean Apple, really WTF???

That sure as hell looks like sexual innuendo to me, and just might be construed as overtly sexual


More Than 10,000 Deleted Now


Well a week is a long time, Apple have finally reactivated the count up in the top of iTunes. showing how many pages of Apps are available.

In the Entertainment section alone there are now 893 pages, which works out to 17860 Entertainment Apps, down from >22,000 to begin – so about 5000 gone in entertainment. Our earlier post shows that entertainment apps made up about 1/2 of those deleted – so we’ll assume now that there are now more than 10,000 Apps in the bin – probably about 5000 man years of development torn up by Apple.

HOW TO – Block Inappropriate Content on iPods & iPhones.

If you are a parent, you should read this.

In today’s lesson I am going to show you how to make sure that your kids don’t get into things that they shouldn’t in the Appstore.

If Apple weren’t so goddam mystical and secretive , this is what they should have told you when you bought the iPod for your 10 year old over the holidays – at the bare minimum they should have told anyone that complained about the Appstore content, to set their iPod up like this…

It is easy to setup your kids iPods so that:
a. they can’t browse the Appstore
b. they have restricted content on the Appstore and in iTunes
c. if they do browse either of the above, they don’t see what you don’t want them to.
d. they don’t see Youtube, can’t buy Apps, can’t do in app purchases etc etc.

At the end of today’s lesson you will be able to contact Apple and tell them that you want all the apps they deleted reinstated. All is forgiven.

Please don’t take this as patronising, I only bothered to look today – and have now blocked my kids from all sorts of things that are inappropriate! My sarcasm is aimed at Apple here for not responding to people that complained with information on how to set the ratings up in their kids iPod/iPhone.

Are we ready?

  1. Go to SETTINGS


2. Tap “GENERAL”
3. Tap Restrictions. photo (1)

4. Enter a Pin number. photo (2)

5. Turn off all the stuff you don’t want your kids to see or access photo (3) 

6. Scroll down, see that Apps line – tap that: photo (4)

7. Now – YOU decide what you want your kids to see. photo (5)

For example, you can select 4+ and only cute pussy cats and bunny rabbit will be available, or 17+ and the user of the iPod will see a whole lot more.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE the App is still visible in the lists and the descriptions are there, BUT the screenshots aren’t!!

What Does Bewildered Mean

I. Must. Be. Going. Insane…

Why did “The girls of Break.com” just get approved?

This defies belief – am I missing something? I haven’t heard of Break.com – but are they a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format??

Mr. Schiller – is Break.com a “well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format” to which you refer in the NYT – or is the Appstore  policy here being implemented randomly to keep developers intrigued and bloggers busy?!

This appeared in the appstore today according to Appshopper (despite the release date it shows in the image below??)


After just telling the world via the NYT that the iTunes store is a safe place for women and children, Apple approve this!

I would think that most people would get a touch more excited with the “overtly sexual content” in the pics of real girls in this App than the cartoon one we had in Wobble – maybe the Apple reviewers have been watching too many animated Pixar shows or something and don’t get aroused with real humans any more?

What is going on in Apple land, I had such respect for them…

NYT – Apple Responds

What a crock of s**t 
(not the article in general – I’m talking about the quote below)

Apple have lost any credibility that they had – this is just BS.

“When asked about the Sports Illustrated app, Mr. Schiller said Apple took the source and intent of an app into consideration. “The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format,” he said.”

So it’s ok for a well known company to produce and display adult material to our children, but not ok for somebody to show cartoon pics of a female body

This is wrong on so many levels – I bet the parents of kids who view the Playboy App screenshots will be much happier that the bare arse is shot by a playboy photographer!

These images are allowed by Apple in the Playboy App:
comehither cleavage bare arse in playboy app

And this one is not:
wobble-ad-itunes-v01 What makes it worse is that a LOT of people now think that the store is a safe place for their kids to go to without supervision – it just isn’t because Apple have applied their guidelines unevenly.

Look at the comments on the Playboy App, people hate it – also note that the ratings system has been frozen for several days now, it still shows the same numbers as it did a few days back. That’s probably linked to the page numbers that are also frozen they show how many Apps have been deleted.

Update – Techcrunch just picked up the story

If Apple Were Serious: Censorship

Some of the content in this post is NSFW – ie screenshots from the iPhone Youtube App

If Apple were serious about the safety of their younger customers and parental control they would do the following:

1. Allow removal of default icons on the iPod Touch and iPhone
2. Properly introduce the ratings system so that 17+ Apps do not display in results if the user is <17.
3. Allow parental controls to be set for each device and password protect this.

But they wont, they’re on a slippery slope, along with everybody else who has attempted to be a censor and arbiter of taste.

I’ll elaborate…

I am a parent of 3 children, and they all have iPod touches, I am far less concerned about them browsing the Appstore than browsing the web on their device.

None of the Apps that were deleted over the weekend had ANYTHING in their preview pages or screenshots that kids wouldn’t see at a beach (at least a beach in Australia; neck to knee swim costumes for women  went out in the 20’s). Apple had already vetted these Apps and prevented the display of anything dubious. To be honest most kids below about 14 simply aren’t interested in that stuff anyway – they are looking for free games.

What is more, all of the iPods in this house are setup under the one account, and it’s my Apple account – so they have to come to me to install anything, I put the password in and they go away happy with their new stickwars game or whatever.

HOWEVER… we have wifi, they therefore the kids have web access – there is no way for me to control what they see on the web, because the default Browser has no parental controls – don’t get me wrong – I don’t think it should have!! BUT as a parent, I should be able to delete the existing browser and add a different browser – like this one.

Likewise, I should be able to delete Youtube, here are some videos available on Youtube.
Web results for pussy on left, iphone results after watching one NSFW video and tapping more videos – frankly I’m a little surprised, I hadn’t looked on Youtube before now!

So the brouhaha about censorship of the Appstore is really the tip of the iceberg, there are people out there that now think the iPod and iPhone have been declared safe. It was a token kneejerk gesture.

Youtube search for pussy      photo

BBC Radio Interview

Despite an interesting blending of some of my words from an old Wobble promotional video, the interview I did yesterday with Iain Mackenzie of the BBC sounds ok. 

(NOTE – the promo video is showing images that we inserted to demo the software, they do not and did not ship with the App)

UPDATE – here is a link to the full interview with Jon Atherton and article from BC

Listen to interview here – from 13:20min
bbc player
[player pops new window]

The interview was quite heavily edited of course, since I blathered on a bit :-) and the whole story was only 1.5 minutes long.

Anyway – if you are interested, it got into the BBC News for the last minute and a half of the broadcast – you can listen to it here – flip forward to about 13:20 by moving the slider along.

I am not sure if there is a longer version on the BBC tech website somewhere – the story got cut short in the player at the end.

Wobble Premium Updated

We have updated the Wobble App on the Appstore and are awaiting its approval. Our last App took about 6 hours for approval (last Friday) so we’d expect Wobble to be approved today.

It now fully complies with Apples guidelines and in fact the AT&T guidelines – so it would be difficult to see how it would be declined by Apple.

Below are the before and after screenshots of the splash page. Other screens are also updated, as you can see it’s now even better than a G rating in fact it is TV-Y – that is suitable for ANY children, I’m now proud to say that our application is as mundane as Dora the Explorer – hopefully it will be as popular…

wobble-ad-itunes-v01  wobble-ad-itunes-censored

As you can see we’ve used some graphics from our Trolls App, which is also being updated at the moment.