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Boob Wobble Animation Application Approved for Apple iPhone and iTouch

Australia, Queensland, Gold Coast (January 21, 2009) – Much to the delight of iPhoners worldwide, Apple has approved the Wobble animation application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Currently available for download at Apple’s iTunes Appstore, this software, developed by Australia’s Glentwood pty ltd, a private company based in South East Queensland, provides users the ability to animate any given part of a photo on the iPhone or iPod touch into true 3D animation driven by the actual movement of the device.

“Apple recently declined a similar software known as iBoob on the grounds that it was indecent because that application seemed to be geared toward a particular part of a woman’s anatomy” explains Glentwood’s Jon Atherton, but with over a million views of their YouTube demo video, there appeared to be a huge demand for wobbling boobs on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Whereas iBoob was developed with seemingly limited scope, the new Wobble application will allow users to apply “wobbles” to any part of any photo be it breasts, arms, legs etc. It’s completely up to the user to determine what they choose to animate, and no images are included in the download.

For only $.99 (USD) iPhone or iPod touch owners can purchase and download the Wobble application via the iTunes Appstore and a demo is available at
http://chillfresh.com/wobble/ or

After opening the Wobble application the user can select a photo to animate and position the round Wobble region overlays onto the photo. Then the fun begins. Shaking the unit up and down, side to side, or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen region to move as if it was really reacting to the movement (let your imagination run a little bit here, and you can see the advantages, and all for under a buck).

Wobble will work on photos either taken by the user, or saved from the Internet as well as those received via email.

“Begun by the ill-fated iBoobs, and to a lesser degree the iFarts application, we at Glentwood are surprised by the attention these sorts of applications are getting” adds Atherton. With over 5000 copies sold in the first four days, Wobble is well on the way to being a huge hit. In comparison, the recent number one hit at the Appstore, iFart, sold around half that number in their first four days, so could it be that animated parts of a photo (again it could be a shaking leg or a wobbling – well you get the picture) appeal more to iPhone and iPod touch users?

The developers are planning a number of new features in coming weeks which will be released as a free upgrade, including Auto Wobble – a marvellous Hands Free Kit, which while entertaining, is not recommended for use while driving.

The Northern Hemisphere might be in the middle of winter, but on the Gold Coast of Australia the developers of the new Wobble application have been hard at work building wobbling software. Beta testing the software would clearly have been an arduous task had it not been for the glorious beach nearby which provided appealing subject matter! We can assume that testing went swimmingly well.

Glentwood pty ltd is a small private Australian company based in South East Queensland. Glentwood was established in late 2008 to build iPhone and iPod touch applications. The iPhone platform enables small developers to take advantage of the massive software sales infrastructure built by Apple. Glentwood is comprised of a small number of staff and is forecast to have sales in excess of two million USD for calendar year 2009.

Jon Atherton: Media Relations
wobble AT clean DOT net DOT au
Australia +61 7 3102 4608
USA +1 650 515 3439

The top 100?

Ok, some questions…

– why is it that Free Memory is at number five in the US market?

Aren’t Apple products supposed to be perfect? Don’t get me wrong I am not about to bite the hand, but – this product is there because the OS does not release memory properly (or apps don’t!).

Or is it because people *think* that it will fix the crashing of their browser whenever their email client fetches mail? (both Apple Apps)

Correct me if I am wrng but this should not be required????

– Why is iFart dropping one spot every day?

– why is iBeer *always* in the top 50?

– wtf is up with this?? Who buys this??

– who do you know that can actually play the Ocarina?

– Does Dog whistle actually work?

A mention on Techcrunch

The worlds biggest tech blog has just given us a mention in a post on another app. Very nice of them – Thanks Erick.

They say “A much better app is Wobble, which lets you take a photo and make any body part wobble” and post the video – which should push it up the YouTube Hitlist!

The Techcrunch Blog has a readership of over 3 Million per month if you include the RSS feeds.

This makes me happy…

Wobble – How to Delete Images

In the Wobble demo video (at about the 1 Minute mark) it tells you how to delete an image.

Go to the open/save screen and swipe along the row to the right, a delete button appears, then tap it.

This does not delete the actual image from your photo store – only the Wobble composition.

We’re making this easier in V2 – along with Thumbnails of your compositions to identify them easier.

Wobble Boobs More Fun Than iFarts (Surprised?)

As I mentioned below, the first two days delivered a surprising result for me:

– 1623 sales on day one.
– 1797 on day two.

In comparison iFarts first three days were just 75, 276 then 841.

So I guess people are more inclined to play with Boobs than farts.

We are planning a number of new features next week which will be released as a free upgrade, including Auto Wobble – a marvellous Hands Free Kit, which may be useful while driving?!

Any other feature requests please leave them in the comments.

Youtube – W.O.W

96,700 on one video and 22,000 on the other one. W.O.W.

I’m going to upload another version now with a few minutes spent in post production, the other one was shot with my digital still camera. I did this in high def…

I got accused of being a Brit last time too – which is NOT good… so I concentrated on my Australian accent – apologies to Australians who know me – they will cringe a bit probably 😉 “G’day Viewers…” sound familiar? 😉