Wobble Now Available on AppBackr – Earn Some $ on Our Sales!

We’ve just launched Wobble onto Appbackr.

What is Appbackr I hear you ask??

Well it is kind of like Kickstarter – but we’re selling wholesale copies of our apps – future sales that is… you get them at wholesale price and make 27% profit as they sell over the next month or so – we get the funds now.

It’s really an experiment to see how it goes with Wobble, we thought we could use it for some of our other apps like Concierge and Hey! and pinFM that are coming out soon…

UPDATE – we’ve already raised over $5000 in just a few hours!

Appbackr wobble raising funds for apps.png

  • appbackr gives you the opportunity to make money on future sales of this app.
  • You pre purchase future sales at a reduced price and profit when the app sells on the mobile app store.
  • Your profit is 27% on every app that sells on the mobile app store