Wobble iPhone Application Moves What iBoob Couldn’t

Apple recently declined the iBoob iPhone Application on the grounds that it was indecent, but with over a million views on the iBoob YouTube demo there is clearly a huge demand for wobbly boobs on the iPhone. Whereas iBoob was animated and very limited in scope the new WOBBLE Application will make any body part wobble in a realistic 3D manner. 

iPhone or iPod Touch owners who purchase the $0.99 WOBBLE application through the Appstore Link can make any number of body parts in any photo wobble.

The user can take a photo of anyone or anything using the inbuilt iPhone camera, and then open the Wobble Application. Select a photo to animate, then position the round Wobble region overlays on the photo, then tap preview. Shaking the phone up and down, side to side or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen regions to move as if they were real, or fake as the case may be.

It is completely up to the user what they choose to animate, and no photos or images ship with the Application. Ideally (IMHO) breasts should be chosen, but that is up to the user!

Wobble will work with any photo either taken by the user or saved from the web or email.

The northern Hemisphere might be in the middle of winter but on the Gold Coast of Australia the Developers of the new Wobble iPhone Application have been hard at work building boob wobbling software. Beta testing the software would clearly have been an arduous task, hence the need for a glorious beach nearby.

In Review… still


Wobble was uploaded the first time on 30 December. It was declined for the first time because of a problem with an image file on 6th January, corrected within a few hours and resubmitted.


It was rejected again on 9th January, this time it was a programming issue – a bit more involved but a new version was resubmitted 11th January. (not sure why this problem wasn’t pointed out back on the 6th, but I guess Apple are busy)


Wobble is in review again.

I can’t wait to launch this thing – it’s going to blow smoke rings around iFart (the current top of the charts)