Still waiting WOBBLE

My oh my, this must be hard… We’ve added a small feature and Apple have taken a month so far to release an update to our customers?

Plus we’ve updated to iOS version 4.1 – long overdue.

We uploaded updates for approval on 14th October – one month ago!

Apple apparently control all this to improve user experience – well if you have an iOS 4.1 device you currently can’t run Wobble if you already bought it, or buy it if you didn’t. FRUSTRATING.

Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 5.01.44 PM.png
















blabr – Now Available Worldwide

The New blabr app. Record 5 seconds of sound and send it via Twitter, Facebook or email – or of course to other blabr users. You will be able to increase recording time in the future, when it is out of beta. Plus a Voice Messaging API is coming soon too, so you can add voice notes to anything!

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 2.55.17 PM.png




















Voice messaging for Facebook and Twitter get it while it is still free!

Speaking of Farts

I wonder if Joel has any usage data on his iFart application – has he calculated for example how many minutes each phone farts for?

By my rough calculations if each user farts their phone for 1 minute; that one application could be responsible for 6500 hours of farts per month.

If these farts were real the carbon footprint would be huge.

We’re seeing a bit of a decline in the iFart sales in Australia – it got up to #5 now it’s back to #9.  Is it being held up in the USA with PR or are the sales chart positions responsible for sales? It’s an interesting question – which we’ll get the answer to soon enough…

As I said on Joels blog:

“Ultimately the "marketing" is the secret sauce here isn’t it? Sure the numbers are interesting (it takes between 9760 and 13,274 to put an app at number one)

What we don’t really know is if you get that many sales by virtue of being number one, or spending $50,000 marketing gets you sufficient sales to push you to number one… obviously a combination.”