Apple Banning Apps Again

Apple have kicked another top selling App out of the Appstore.

The top selling app Boob Job got as high as number 1 in Australia and I think it was in the top 10 on Monday in the USA.

Today it is nowhere to be seen and a message on their website tells the story… Those guys would be pissed.

Wobble was banned 18 months ago – and reinstated about 1 week later after we removed a silhouette of a woman, Wobble has no inappropriate images – YES WOBBLE IS IN THE STORE – Get Wobble here Incidentally we get a solid 5 star rating for our latest version 95% rate it 5 star – that has got to say something! Of course Wobble is also available on Android.

Recently I had noticed that the Apps getting approved by Apple were more and more risqué – and I was seriously starting to question why we had to make all the alterations to Wobble 18 months back. I mean really, Apple had their rules and recently they got slack on enforcing them. The makers of BoobJob should have been told when they submitted the App that it wasn’t appropriate.

They would have been doing about 10,000 sales a day minimum when they were pulled – and believe me after being there – that has got to hurt!

Lets do a query on iTunes for the words “boobs” – I get 360 results.

Let’s do another search, this time for the word “sex” – I get 18 pages of 180 Apps – that’s 3240 apps, amongst those Sex Strip, Sex Secrets, 300+ Sex Positions – most of these have silhouettes of women or screaming headlines about how you have to be 18+ to download the app, ALL of them allude to prurient content – and nearly all of them have hundreds and hundreds of 1 star reviews – because they are all complete bullshit. Apple doesn’t allow adult content in Apps, if they did the store would be a cesspit, the top 10 would all be adult content.

However, there are massive unforeseen consequences of Apples Ban Hammer.

Combine Apples prohibition with peoples innate desire to view adult material and you get demand with no supply. These apps are unable to actually deliver anything people want, but given the huge sales possible by saying your app contains this material there will always be developers who are loose with the truth. Who is the big loser here? Why, the customer of course – those that don’t read the reviews get ripped off. I mean, look at this:
Bad reviews sex positions game.png







181,603 1 star reviews!!! From a total of 331,142. In comparison, Wobble Premium has had 14,434 total reviews – reviews normally equate to total sales – so since we have had 1.2Million sales I’d expect that this app with the crappy reviews might have sold 25 million copies!!! (and 54% of them thought that it wasn’t worth the bandwidth!)

So… what is the solution?

1. Apple should enforce their rules.
2. Apple should open a new section in the store for 18+ content
3. Apple should block this content from any top lists
4. Apple should block this content, including viewing of the whole section from kids and enforce parental controls, just like the explicit label in music.

I’m all for parental controls, I don’t like the fact that an app “300+ Best Sex Positions HD is at number 2 in entertainment, this is the same as putting the porn mags next to the cash register in a supermarket. What’s more it isn’t even porn, it just pretends it is and as a consequence every customer that buys it feels ripped off.


Wobble Updates Soon

Wobble iBoobs has been cruising along very nicely for over two years now, with well over a million installs and income of more than $500,000 in that time. time to give it a bit of a poke and see if we can get back into the charts!

We’ve been working on some other projects but have now decided to bring Wobble up to date, with a big list of improvements.

Last year we launched 3D and the HD versions which saw a large number of downloads and updates… for our next trick we’re adding all the features which users have ever suggested :-) plus some innovative new ideas and control functions that are pretty entertaining.

It’s also time for a revamp, we’ve engaged IconFactory to give Wobble a bit of a tart up, and I think you’ll like what we have in store!

It’s quite interesting to note that Wobble for iOS sells more in a day that Wobble for Android makes in a month, Android users either can’t or just don’t buy Apps. Market share is one thing but if the users don’t buy apps; I can’t see the point of developing for Android?

Wobble Back in Top 100 USA

Wobble Premium is now at number 48 in USA top grossing Entertainment apps, moving up. I guess the updates have met with approval from our fans – thanks to all of you, and don’t forget to tell your friends :-)

We also dropped the price for the next week to just $0.99, so if you have always wanted Wobble – now is the time to get it, you save a buck, wow :-)

Wobble number 48 in Appstore.png







Wobble Updates Released

We’ve just released a bunch of new Wobble updates.
Wobble HD 3D
Wobble Lite
Wobble Premium
Wobble Free

Please go buy them all 😉
(and tell your friends to as well!)

I know you have been waiting patiently, and Apple have taken a long time to review them – 8 weeks in total..! Anyway, it was worth the wait, and if you want to Wobble Boobs on any iOS device you can now do so – Wobble HD is particularly impressive – grab the 3D upgrade and your 3D blue/red glasses for 3D wobbly magic :-)


Wobble Back in the Charts! Yay!

Wobble was apparently featured on  Japanese TV over the weekend, although I haven’t seen the show it must have been good! :-)

TBS, (Tokyo Broadcasting System) featured Wobble on a show called, “Kakumei TV” (Revolutionary TV in English) which airs once a week nationwide in Japan.

“The show introduces various new things, from new inventions such as machines, games, robots, etc. that would become a role in bringing about a revolution to our future.” said the producer Miyuki Tachibana

I can tell you that the sales figures from this jump back up the charts are somewhat higher than last time Wobble was in the charts in Japan. It’s great timing too for all the lovely people that have bought Wobble – they get an awesome update in a few days – I think we have finally fixed the problems that Apple had this time with the apps, we removed an in app sales feature and will address it separately, release is imminent.

Wobble for iPad is also going to be released at the same time, as well as Wobble Free – all feature updates for iOS4.2 and a few tweaks, PLUS an awesome new secret feature. :-)

Wobble is at number 48 overall and number 7 in Entertainment in the Japanese Appstore.

Wobble number 48 in Japan

Still waiting WOBBLE

My oh my, this must be hard… We’ve added a small feature and Apple have taken a month so far to release an update to our customers?

Plus we’ve updated to iOS version 4.1 – long overdue.

We uploaded updates for approval on 14th October – one month ago!

Apple apparently control all this to improve user experience – well if you have an iOS 4.1 device you currently can’t run Wobble if you already bought it, or buy it if you didn’t. FRUSTRATING.

Screen shot 2010-11-16 at 5.01.44 PM.png
















About Blabr

OK, so what and why is Blabr?

The Blabr iPhone App (also ) is an innovative audio sharing app, to start with we decided to go with a short 5 second limit, because it is mainly aimed at photo and place sharing within Facebook and Twitter. Blabr also allows short private back and forth chat.

We’ve thought most listeners within these sharing environments would prefer short meaningful messages rather than long winded one way voice messages. Have you ever had someone leave a 5 or 10 minute voicemail? I have, and I didn’t listen to it! I can see that if you wanted to do a voice interview or record a lecture you might want longer than 5 seconds, we may offer an upgrade in the future, but I doubt it will ever be unlimited. Anyway most people simply dont do interviews, more importantly their friends don’t want to hear them! We think a short description of a photo or a place is useful. and the iPhone app are in version 1 having been released a couple weeks ago, so the UI is being tweaked after user feedback along with some server tweaks to up the scalability and performance before promotion of the service begins.

A public API and several cool demo apps will be launched in Jan/Feb

Strange Delays in Appstore Approvals

Wobble Premium is live in the store and has been for months – almost years… FREE updates have been uploaded to Apple in the past and approved quickly – and our usehave loved the free updates – just like they will when these updates are approved.

However, they have all been delayed for no apparent reason…

The new versions of Wobble were uploaded a week before the new blabr App. And whilst blabr was approved yesterday, Wobble has been in review for more than 2 weeks. Wobble has been in the Appstore now for 18 months, and has recently been updated for iOS 4.1 and a new feature was added – which whilst innovative and highly original doesn’t do anything that Apple should find disturbing. I’ve been instructed to keep this new feature under wraps until it’s approved so it isn’t copied!

On another note – how about that Victoria Secret App heh? If that isn’t a prurient I don’t know what is… of course it’s a bit hard to sell lingerie without “steamy hot” pictures, but it’s also hard to sell an App that Wobbles stuff without you know, wobbling stuff… Gotta wonder why the VS app is in entertainment section and promotes the unlocking of “content” when it is just a sales app? huh??

It would be really nice if Apple approved the new versions of Wobble before the Japanese TV show features it next week… yep it’s being featured on TBS, Tokyo Broadcasting System, in a show called, “Kakumei TV” (Revolutionary TV in English) which airs once a week nationwide in Japan.

“The show introduces various NEW things, from new inventions such as machines, games, robots, etc. that would become a role in bringing about a revolution to our future.

That’s a quote from the TV producer – I can’t wait to see what they make of Wobble – it was number one in Japan for a few months last year, so they love the app – it’s a pity that Apple doesn’t recognise Wobble as an app that “brings about a revolution in our future” as well 😉

Here’s the notes on each App and how long it has taken to get through the approval process…





October 29, 2010 17:13




Ready for Sale


October 29, 2010 17:07




Processing for App Store


October 28, 2010 09:50




In Review


October 21, 2010 07:37




Waiting For Review


October 21, 2010 07:36




Upload Received

Wobble Premium:




October 21, 2010 00:35




In Review


October 15, 2010 15:47




Waiting For Review


October 14, 2010 05:43




Upload Received

Wobble Lite:




October 21, 2010 10:46




In Review


October 15, 2010 15:30




Waiting For Review


October 14, 2010 06:21




Upload Received


Wobble HD – Apple rejected it saying it was the same as the other Wobble apps – except of course it is the HD version for the iPad (that’s why it’s called Wobble HD!)… 
We’ve completed the review of your app, however, because it duplicates the content and functionality of your app Wobble Premium, which is currently available on the App Store, we cannot post it app to the App Store.
2.11   Apps that duplicate apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them.

It was resubmitted on October 22 – the day after blabr was uploaded.

October 22, 2010 10:33




In Review


October 22, 2010 05:45




Waiting For Review


October 22, 2010 05:44




Upload Received


October 22, 2010 05:39




Waiting For Upload


October 21, 2010 17:19






October 18, 2010 10:05




In Review


October 14, 2010 11:39




Waiting For Review


October 14, 2010 05:38




Upload Received

blabr – New Free iPhone, iPod and iPad App

New Release – it’s Free.

Setup an account at then download the blabr iPhone App here

blabr – Speak what’s on your mind – send short voice messages privately to friends OR public to the world! Works with the website, Facebook and Twitter.

“Do we need some milk? I’m in the car”
“Check out this photo – that’s Trish in Norway!” 
“I’m at the bar with Ian, join us now” 
“On our way to your place, see you in 5” 
“Hi kids, the beach is great, wish you were here” 

No need to type SMS, just speak and send, you can laugh for real no need for :-) or LOL’s.

★Add photos
★Add GPS – soon
★Add URL’s – soon

★Start blabbing now in just 3 easy steps! ALL for FREE!★

Download the iPhone app and tap ‘Record’… tap ‘share’ and you are done.

Your blab can be up to 5 seconds long, and you’ll soon be able to extend this limit if you want.

Tap ‘share’ to post your blab at, and also on Twitter & Facebook if you like.

Plus you can add pictures, URLs and soon your current location too!

All your listeners get instant updates and you can play back their blabs too.

Your audio messages are quick & easy (no typing) and over the web so no txt costs

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wobble Share Day 1

We launched the new version of Wobble yesterday, and so far over 1000 Wobbles have been shared via using the new Share feature on Wobble. Those shares have generated more than 12,000 page views and added about 25% to our sales across all the apps that are advertised on the Hotwobble site.

Happy with that so far.

I’m not so happy with some of the users of HotWobble though – some are uploading purely pornographic pictures which is causing me a lot of extra work right atm! We’ll have a “report this” link hotfix deployed in the next day or so,. The flag/moderation system will automate the screening of images and hopefully the Wobble community will self police to a degree.

There have been a lot of funny pics uploaded, and a LOT of images of um, visually appealing women (NSFW) uploaded in the first day, and I guess this will continue, given that Hotwobble is primarily designed to allow direct sharing between iPhones and iPods and secondarily direct to PC/Mac browsers!

At the moment I am manually deleting porn, and anything that includes genitalia, regardless of how funny some of these are ( I won’t elaborate)!

Try shaking the phone below ;-) 

Wobble iPhone Application Moves What iBoob Couldn’t

Apple recently declined the iBoob iPhone Application on the grounds that it was indecent, but with over a million views on the iBoob YouTube demo there is clearly a huge demand for wobbly boobs on the iPhone. Whereas iBoob was animated and very limited in scope the new WOBBLE Application will make any body part wobble in a realistic 3D manner. 

iPhone or iPod Touch owners who purchase the $0.99 WOBBLE application through the Appstore Link can make any number of body parts in any photo wobble.

The user can take a photo of anyone or anything using the inbuilt iPhone camera, and then open the Wobble Application. Select a photo to animate, then position the round Wobble region overlays on the photo, then tap preview. Shaking the phone up and down, side to side or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen regions to move as if they were real, or fake as the case may be.

It is completely up to the user what they choose to animate, and no photos or images ship with the Application. Ideally (IMHO) breasts should be chosen, but that is up to the user!

Wobble will work with any photo either taken by the user or saved from the web or email.

The northern Hemisphere might be in the middle of winter but on the Gold Coast of Australia the Developers of the new Wobble iPhone Application have been hard at work building boob wobbling software. Beta testing the software would clearly have been an arduous task, hence the need for a glorious beach nearby.