dd Fun Wobbly Bits to Your Photos!

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  • Learn to delete Wobble compositions here
  • For best results, move the phone or touch quickly in one direction and stop suddenly

Wobble is the only application that can make ANY part of your photo wobble like jelly.


Buy Wobble here – it will open in the appstore

Or click here for iTunes link Wobble

Bring photos to life and make parts of them bounce in realistic 3D.

– Grab a photo from your camera roll

– Add one or more wobble regions

– Pinch and drag the regions to size and position

– Shake your iPhone or Touch

– Watch in amazement as your photos bounce to life

– Save & share your creation

Wobble really is a game changer! 50% of the world’s population will think it is puerile. For the other 50%, it’s a must have killer app.

Don’t choose to be on the wrong 50%, download and install Wobble now!


So now you should buy Wobble Premium if you haven’t already! :-)

Word of warning! Some users have already uploaded some NSFW images to! We will have a filter available later today I hope to remove some of the more offensive things exercise care in the mean time..

In the new version of Wobble Premium you can:

1.  Share and receive shared Wobbles – in the Free and Lite versions you cannot receive Wobbles from friends (you can still view them on a PC/Mac, but not the iPhone or iPod.) So here’s a hint: buy the premium version :-)

2. Blow on the Wobbles to make them move – this is pretty funny and must be seen :-) I’ll upload a video soon to demo.

3. You can send Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have Wobble installed. They will get a link like this: in their email.

4. You can embed Wobbles in your blogs/profiles/social pages like this:

17 thoughts on “Video”

  1. Hi Jon,

    This is appbank running in Japan.
    Congrats for being the best app in Japan for days! I translated 14 days of your blogs into Japanese since the day your app is released.

    The purpose is to let Japanese people know what the developer of the app has done on the app so far.

    When you get interested to contact me, plz email to appbankmail at

    Thanks for your great articles, I had pretty fun time translating them.


  2. Hi

    I have notice that the icon have change to a new one with a girl on it and also the name have change to wobble her bikini but can you please change the icon back to the old one it look more attractive with the pink background and 2 wobbly instead of the new one and also the name back to wobble it sound nicer.


  3. I love the wobble. However, I hate the new icon (I didn’t download it) as I cannot even have that icon on my phone at work or I will get fired. I hope the update won’t have the new icon on it as I won’t be able to download it.

    I would like to see a password protection for the program (so prying eyes can’t get in). Or what would be really cool is to have a stupid game that people would ignore and have to enter a code to get into the program. Obviously it would be best to be able to turn these features off and on so each person could decide if they want it or not.

    Great work!

  4. Hello, you advertise on screenshot as take a photo, but there is no option to take a photo. You always have to choose from photo album. What is this?

    Fix this asap or I am going to complain Apple for false marketing.

  5. Afew Things That Would Greatly Improve This App Are:

    1.) If You Were Able To Take A Picture With The Camera Rather Than Having To Use Pictures In Your Photo Album

    2.) Having The Option Of Touching The Area To Have It Wobble. Would Be Much Better Than Only Being Able To Shake It And Then Only Have It Wobble For 1 Second

    3.) Have An Ajustment Button The Set How Long The Wobble Lasts

    Also Love The New Icon. If You Could Add These 3 Things The A Future Update A Think It Will Greatly Improve An Already Awesome App


  6. Please remove the new icon. If people want to wobble boobs, that’s ok, but I don’t want to have that advertised on my phone all the time. Be classy, not crass.

  7. Greetings Team Wobble,
    Watched with great interest the rise and fall and rise again of boobies, oh I mean of your App 😉

    Couldn’t find any way to contact you via the site so hope you get this and get in touch – check the domain in my email address and hopefully you’ll recognise our work. We haven’t quite had the kind of spectacular success as you guys just yet (unless you count India where we’re neck and neck -although given the kind of titles in their Top 5 I think it’s obvious why lol).

    You may not have realised we’re also from Oz (ok one kiwi), so would be good to compare war stories. Anyway great to see another local developer flying the flag on the world stage, and look forward to talking soon.


  8. It would be nice if I could place the regions as near to the border of the picture as I want, perhaps on the border so that a part of the region ist outside the picture. Half of a melone so to say.

  9. A suggestion for Wobble:

    There’s no doubt you folks have experimented with various types of photos to use with this App. That said, any plans to either password-protect the App, provide the option for hiding photos or folders, disabling thumbnails, or password-protecting them?

  10. the update is really nice, esp with thumbnails of saved shots. i am wondering if it is possible to password protect saved pics as my kids like to play with my iphone?

  11. I wish we could email our saved wobble pictures to friends and family so when they opened their email they could see a moving picture like an emoticon or exatly what we created with the app.

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