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5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Technology has made some serious leaps within the past few years.

The growth seems to be exponential and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

We’re all familiar with the obvious everyday signs of technology.

Laptops, smartphones, and other trappings of modern life are evident.

The amazing thing is that technology is also working furiously to improve our health, such as with medical insert molding in surgical equipment.

That’s right; even with all the fuss about completely natural and disconnected living these days, we may not enjoy a healthy or long life without technological assistance.

Want to know just how this works?

Let’s explore how technology is making its mark in incredibly different ways.

1. Alleviating Inactivity

Think about it; a normal office job today would have you sitting most of the time in any case.

On your lunch break, you’d be sitting and eating.

You’d be taking the subway, bus, or carpool to work. Even after all this physical inaction, your couch time could take up the rest of the day.

With such a sedentary lifestyle, many people are fast moving towards ill-health and even death.

Surprisingly, while technology is responsible for most of your inactivity, it can also motivate you to get up and to run!

Think of all the Fitbits, activity-boosting apps, and other devices that manage your movement.

Plus, they’re easily manageable, only needing a USB charging every few days.

Fitness bands or hooking devices have become all the rage, especially in the millennial generation.

Besides, the young folks, middle-aged people, and even the elderly have become mesmerized by fulfilling a healthy step count each day.

With this heightened activity level, we stand to lose more weight in a healthy and natural manner.

In general, moving around and keeping our body fluid can stave off …

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5000 Apps Banned – The New Rules for Specific Health Apps

Apple have kicked another specific App out of the Appstore.

The top selling app Health & Fitness 101 got as high as number 1 in Australia and I think it was in the top 10 on Monday in the USA.

Today it is nowhere to be seen and a message on their website tells the story. Those guys would be pissed.

WooHealth App was banned 18 months ago – and reinstated about 1 week later after we removed a diet transformation of a woman; WooHealth has no inappropriate images – YES, WOOHEALTH IS IN THE STORE. Incidentally, they get a solid 5-star rating for their latest version. Furthermore, 95% of their users rate it five stars – that has got to say something! Of course, WooHealth is also available on Android.

As you may know, WooHealth is a company that concentrates on developing health supplements, weight loss, anti-aging products such as HGH or what is usually known as Growth Hormone, as well as bodybuilding and fitness supplements. This app also recommends the most effective HGH supplements that anyone can easily choose from their lists.

Recently I had noticed that the Apps getting approved by Apple, especially in the health and fitness category, were more and more risqué – and I was seriously starting to question why we had to make all the alterations to WooHealth 18 months back. I mean, really, Apple had their rules, and recently they got slack on enforcing them. The makers of Health & Fitness 101 should have been told when they submitted the App that it wasn’t appropriate.

They would have been doing about 10,000 sales a day minimum when they were pulled – and believe me after being there – that has got to hurt!

Let’s do a query on iTunes for the …

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