Wobble iBoobs – The Long Tail

Just how long is the long tail?

If you haven’t heard of Wobble – the boob wobbling App for the iPhone – you might be surprised to learn that it sat at the top of the Appstore Charts for much of 2009 – it’s been around for the entire Mobile Age…

Since launch Wobble has been installed over 1.2 Million times and earned almost 1/2 a million dollars! 

There are probably a bunch of people who frown upon such things, and to be honest they’re right. But Wobble cost about $30,000 (including updates) and has earned a lot of money, I’m no Frank Underwood, but the numbers make it worthwhile… Wobble iBoobs is rated 5 star and has been almost since launch. After 7 years on the Appstore I thought I might share some numbers.

In early 2009 around 10% of all phones had Wobble installed – it would be nice to see those numbers now! :-)

There are a few things that led to the success of Wobble iBoobs:

  1. Simple App – it does one thing well.
  2. Know the target market – this isn’t for everybody, but pretty much everybody gets a laugh!
  3. Listen to customers in the target market – ignore everybody else.
  4. Improve to the point of solid 5 Stars and leave it alone.

Take a look at our reviews below – those that download it – love Wobble Premium:

Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium
Solid 5 Star Reviews for Wobble Premium


Sales… This chart is straight out of iTunes connect.

The Long Tail of Wobble iBoobs Sales
The Long Tail of Wobble Sales


Wobble iBoobs - Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!
Wobble iBoobs – Number One in 2009 and Still Going Strong!


Tap Here to Install Wobble Premium – Wobble iBoobs!



Apple Banning Apps Again

Apple have kicked another top selling App out of the Appstore.

The top selling app Boob Job got as high as number 1 in Australia and I think it was in the top 10 on Monday in the USA.

Today it is nowhere to be seen and a message on their website tells the story… Those guys would be pissed.

Wobble was banned 18 months ago – and reinstated about 1 week later after we removed a silhouette of a woman, Wobble has no inappropriate images – YES WOBBLE IS IN THE STORE – Get Wobble here Incidentally we get a solid 5 star rating for our latest version 95% rate it 5 star – that has got to say something! Of course Wobble is also available on Android.

Recently I had noticed that the Apps getting approved by Apple were more and more risqué – and I was seriously starting to question why we had to make all the alterations to Wobble 18 months back. I mean really, Apple had their rules and recently they got slack on enforcing them. The makers of BoobJob should have been told when they submitted the App that it wasn’t appropriate.

They would have been doing about 10,000 sales a day minimum when they were pulled – and believe me after being there – that has got to hurt!

Lets do a query on iTunes for the words “boobs” – I get 360 results.

Let’s do another search, this time for the word “sex” – I get 18 pages of 180 Apps – that’s 3240 apps, amongst those Sex Strip, Sex Secrets, 300+ Sex Positions – most of these have silhouettes of women or screaming headlines about how you have to be 18+ to download the app, ALL of them allude to prurient content – and nearly all of them have hundreds and hundreds of 1 star reviews – because they are all complete bullshit. Apple doesn’t allow adult content in Apps, if they did the store would be a cesspit, the top 10 would all be adult content.

However, there are massive unforeseen consequences of Apples Ban Hammer.

Combine Apples prohibition with peoples innate desire to view adult material and you get demand with no supply. These apps are unable to actually deliver anything people want, but given the huge sales possible by saying your app contains this material there will always be developers who are loose with the truth. Who is the big loser here? Why, the customer of course – those that don’t read the reviews get ripped off. I mean, look at this:
Bad reviews sex positions game.png







181,603 1 star reviews!!! From a total of 331,142. In comparison, Wobble Premium has had 14,434 total reviews – reviews normally equate to total sales – so since we have had 1.2Million sales I’d expect that this app with the crappy reviews might have sold 25 million copies!!! (and 54% of them thought that it wasn’t worth the bandwidth!)

So… what is the solution?

1. Apple should enforce their rules.
2. Apple should open a new section in the store for 18+ content
3. Apple should block this content from any top lists
4. Apple should block this content, including viewing of the whole section from kids and enforce parental controls, just like the explicit label in music.

I’m all for parental controls, I don’t like the fact that an app “300+ Best Sex Positions HD is at number 2 in entertainment, this is the same as putting the porn mags next to the cash register in a supermarket. What’s more it isn’t even porn, it just pretends it is and as a consequence every customer that buys it feels ripped off.


Wobble HD On Sale $0.99 (About Bug Fixes)

We’ve just put Wobble HD on sale for $0.99 down from its usual price of $4.99.

Get it today!

Last week we launched a new feature with Full Screen Wobbles, unfortunately a small bug was introduced by a tiny little change after we had done our usual round of testing.

Testing was performed using various devices:

  • Apple devices: iPod 2G/3G/4G, iPhone 3G/3Gs/4G, iPad 1G/2G with various iOS versions.
  • Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 (Android 2.1), Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 2.2), Samsung Nexus S (Android 2.3.1), Motorola Droid X (Android 2.2), HTC Gratia A6380 (Android 2.2), HTC G1 (Android 2.1).

Anyway, what happened? The incompatibility issue with wobbles saved in previous Wobble versions was caused by a last-minute fix. In the final QA iteration we found a few minor issues with sharing wobbles, and we had to change the format of shared wobbles. The format of shared wobbles is not directly related to saving wobbles locally, but this change indirectly affected the wobble saving functionality and caused the error in loading saved wobbles.

Not knowing about this bug… this new version was uploaded, and I waited for the inevitable 5 star reviews on our brand new feature… what… 1 star?? oh noes – bug… panic!

Software team was notified and we had a bug fix within a few hours, then an email to Apple to test our friendship “Can you please approve this new version like now?” Apple were very helpful, and sent me this:

“Thank you for contacting us to request an expedited review for your apps. We now have a Request an Expedited App Review form <http://developer.apple.com/appstore/contact/appreviewteam/index.html> available through the App Store Resource Center for making these requests.

And they approved it within 24 hours – great! Really happy with their process – they sure have come a long way in 2.5 years.

And yes, then the 5 Star reviews did start rolling in – all is right with the world we can get back to the serious business of Wobbling boobs :-)

(Features coming next week – Android live Wallpaper – this one is great! Pin code protection for Wobbles – *finally* I hear you scream… oh and a few surprises!


Wobble Now Available on AppBackr – Earn Some $ on Our Sales!

We’ve just launched Wobble onto Appbackr.

What is Appbackr I hear you ask??

Well it is kind of like Kickstarter – but we’re selling wholesale copies of our apps – future sales that is… you get them at wholesale price and make 27% profit as they sell over the next month or so – we get the funds now.

It’s really an experiment to see how it goes with Wobble, we thought we could use it for some of our other apps like Concierge and Hey! and pinFM that are coming out soon…

UPDATE – we’ve already raised over $5000 in just a few hours!

Appbackr wobble raising funds for apps.png

  • appbackr gives you the opportunity to make money on future sales of this app.
  • You pre purchase future sales at a reduced price and profit when the app sells on the mobile app store.
  • Your profit is 27% on every app that sells on the mobile app store
  • PRESS RELEASE: Boob Wobble App Sells 1.1 Million Copies for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

    This is the text of the press release going out on the newswires this evening



    Since 2009, the infamous Wobble App for iOS has been installed on over 1.1 million iPhones and iPod touches. It’s now launching some extra features and a brand new HD version for the iPad. Apple has just approved the new Wobble HD and Google has also given the green light for the Android version.

    Currently available for download at Apple’s iTunes Appstore, and the Android Marketplace, this software, developed by Australia’s Silicon Spark pty ltd, a private company based in South East Queensland, provides users the ability to animate any given part of a photo on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into realistic 3D animations driven by the actual movement of the device.

    “Back in 2008, Apple declined a similar software known as iBoobs on the grounds that it was indecent because that application seemed to be geared toward a particular part of a woman’s anatomy,” explains Silicon Spark’s Jon Atherton, but with over a million views of their YouTube demo video, there appeared to be a huge demand for wobbling boobs on the iPhone or iPod touch.

    Whereas iBoobs was developed with seemingly limited scope, the Wobble applications allow users to apply “wobbles” to any part of any photo be it breasts, arms, legs etc. It’s completely up to the user to determine what they choose to animate, and no images are included in the download.

    For only $1.99 (USD) iPhone or iPod touch owners can purchase and download the Wobble application via the iTunes Appstore and a demo is available athttp://chillifresh.com/wobble/ or

    After opening the Wobble application the user can select a photo to animate and position the round Wobble region overlays onto the photo. Then the fun begins. Shaking the unit up and down, side to side, or even in a circular path will cause anything in the chosen region to move as if it was really reacting to the movement (let your imagination run a little bit
    here, and you can see the advantages, and all for a couple of bucks).

    Wobble will work on photos either taken by the user, or saved from the Internet as well as those received via email.

    “With over 1,100,000 copies sold in the last 2 years, Wobble has been a huge hit. Due to popular demand we’ve created a version for Android users which is available now. Also a new HD version, once you’ve seen Wobble HD on the iPad you’ll truly understand why the iPad is such a magical device!” adds Atherton. 

    To encourage users to spread the word, it will soon be possible to share Wobbles with friends via SMS, magically including the animated parts of a photo (again it could be a shaking leg or a wobbling – well you get the picture) 

    The developers are planning a number of new features in coming weeks which will be released as a free upgrade, including 3D without glasses, and an Augmented Reality video version, these features add to an already impressive array: Auto Wobble – Hands Free Kit, Blow to Wobble, Multitouch Wobble and 3D using red blue glasses!

    The Northern Hemisphere is heading into summer, which means there will be plenty of things to Wobble! After a long summer of exhaustive Beta testing on the Gold Coast of Australia the developers are convinced that new buyers of the Wobble App will find Wobble just as entertaining as the first million happy users! 

    Silicon Spark pty ltd is a small private Australian company based in South East Queensland. Silicon Spark was established in late 2008 to build iOS and Android applications. The smart phone platforms enable small developers to take advantage of the massive software sales infrastructure built by Apple. Silicon Spark is comprised of a small number of staff and is forecast to have sales in excess of two million USD for calendar year 2011.

    Wobble Updates

    We’ve started uploading the first of many improvements to the Appstore – last week we added a version of the Wobble Apps that fixed a few bugs.

    This week we are finally adding pin code password protection – so if you want to Wobble things that you want to keep … ahem … private, then you are going to like this new update.

    Next week we should have a couple more enhancements for you too – including sms sharing – so even friends not fortunate enough to have Wobble can enjoy your creations!

    UPDATE Whoa – more than 50,000 updates downloaded in 2 days for Wobble!

    Wobble PIN code protection.PNG

























    Here’s how the PIN code page looks, easy  – safe Wobbling!  :-)