Wacky Remedies that Work – One of Them is Chilli

These weird and wonderful health cures have the seal of approval from the experts.

Chilli Fights Indigestion

Well, there’s a reason why this site is named Chilli Fresh!

This might surprise anyone who gets indigestion after a spicy meal, but when researchers in Italy gave 30 indigestion sufferers chilli pepper pills before meals, they had a 60 percent reduction in symptoms in five weeks. It’s said an ingredient called capsaicin in chilli blocks the production of a neurotransmitter called Substance P that transmits pain signals from the nerves to the brain.

Drinking Baking Soda can Improve Your Tennis Game

It might not save your life, but it’s bonkers, so we wanted to investigate it and asked Professor Chen-Kang Chang from the National Taiwan College of Physical Education. He found that tennis players who added a pinch of baking soda to a drink before a game got less tired and their shots stayed accurate for longer.

“The build-up of lactic acid and hydrogen ions in the muscles is considered one reason for fatigue. Bicarbonate neutralizes hydrogen in the blood, meaning the body releases hydrogen from the muscles to balance things, thus reducing fatigue,” he says.

It’s salty, so try mixing it in grape or orange juice. And be careful because while bicarb is safe, it can upset your tummy. Try it at home before you hit the court — and if it bothers you, avoid doing it again.

Cold Showers Make You Happy

Joy probably isn’t the reaction you’d expect from standing in cool water for two to three minutes, but according to a trial at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in the US, subjects with mild depression who took one or two cold showers daily found mood improved.

According to Dr Nikolai Shevchuk, who carried out the …

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5000 Apps Banned – The New Rules for Specific Health Apps

Apple have kicked another specific App out of the Appstore.

The top selling app Health & Fitness 101 got as high as number 1 in Australia and I think it was in the top 10 on Monday in the USA.

Today it is nowhere to be seen and a message on their website tells the story. Those guys would be pissed.

WooHealth App was banned 18 months ago – and reinstated about 1 week later after we removed a diet transformation of a woman, WooHealth has no inappropriate images – YES WOOHEALTH IS IN THE STORE – Get WooHealth here Incidentally we get a solid 5 star rating for our latest version 95% rate it 5 star – that has got to say something! Of course WooHealth is also available on Android.

As you may know, WooHealth is a company that concentrates on developing health supplements, anti-aging products such as HGH or what is usually known as Growth Hormone, as well as bodybuilding and fitness supplements.

Recently I had noticed that the Apps getting approved by Apple, especially in the health and fitness category, were more and more risqué – and I was seriously starting to question why we had to make all the alterations to WooHealth 18 months back. I mean really, Apple had their rules and recently they got slack on enforcing them. The makers of Health & Fitness 101 should have been told when they submitted the App that it wasn’t appropriate.

They would have been doing about 10,000 sales a day minimum when they were pulled – and believe me after being there – that has got to hurt!

Let’s do a query on iTunes for the words “fitness and health” – I get 360 results.

Let’s do another search, this time for the word …

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Why You Should Eat An Apple A Day

Research continues to prove the “apple a day” mantra is more than an old wives’ tale. Lucas Green reveals why.

With more than 7000 varieties grown worldwide, apples are one of people’s favorite fruits. About 2.6 billion of them are grown here every year, and there are dozens of good reasons to eat them. They’re packed full of antioxidants, dietary fiber and, with a low GI, research has shown they offer protection against everything from heart disease and diabetes to asthma and cancer.

We’ve taken a bite out of several different types to prove that, no matter which variety is the apple of your eye, your health will thank you for it.


Originally from Japan, Fujis are large, with a honey-like flavor and pretty pink skin. Like all apples, Fujis are energy-dense — according to both American and Brazilian researchers, this means apples can help with weight loss. Not only does eating an apple before a meal results in chewing through 15 percent fewer kilojoules come mealtime, but they can also help reduce body weight over time.


The sweetness of this variety improves with storage, and like all apples, they may have a role to play in fighting asthma. While several studies have found a link between regular apple consumption and a lower risk of asthma, a study in The Netherlands has also found that apples are one of the few foods that, when eaten during pregnancy, help protect against the development of childhood asthma.

Granny Smith

The Granny Smith is more acidic than most apples, making it an excellent choice for cooking — although it does get sweeter as the fruit ripens. An Australian native, it was first discovered in 1868 by an NSW woman called “Granny” Maria Anne Smith, who spotted a tree growing on her …

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Hazards of Modern Life

Having eye problems is nothing new, and in some ways, we’re much better off than our parents and grandparents were. But there are some aspects of today’s technology and 21st-century living that require a new approach.


Everyone knows that long periods of computer work increase your risk of muscle and joint pain, but the effects on eye health from time spent peering at your computer are not so obvious. As well as using computers at work, 73 percent of our communities have a home computer. Eyestrain from using your computer can be uncomfortable enough to decrease the amount of time you are able to work in front of a monitor. Fortunately, computer use probably won’t cause any long-term eye problems.

Correct Distance

Focusing your eyes at the same distance puts a strain on your eye muscles and causes fatigue. Computers are here to stay, so, until future technological advances with eye-friendly monitors and laptops, you should take steps to minimize the risks to your eyes with good work habits.

Adjust your monitor: it should be 60cm directly in front of you so that the screen is about arm’s length from your eyes (increase the font size if necessary).

Lighting and Glare

Bright light, illuminated computer screens, and glare make it difficult to see your screen and cause eyestrain, blurred vision, difficulty focusing on objects in the distance, and headaches. Customize the brightness and contrast to suit you and keep dust off your screen as it lowers down on contrast and can cause reflection and glare problems.

Take Eye Breaks

Give your eyes a rest by forcing them to focus on something other than your screen. The University of Canberra Health and Safety site has simple eye exercises to relieve eyestrain from computer use.


Blinking triggers tears which lubricate …

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