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Add Fun Wobbly Bits to Your Photos!

Wobble is the only application that can make ANY part of your photo wobble like jelly.

Bring photos to life and make parts of them bounce in realistic 3D.

– Grab a photo from your camera roll
– Add one or more wobble regions
– Pinch and drag the regions to size and position
– Shake your iPhone or Touch
– Watch in amazement as your photos bounce to life
– Save & share your creation

Wobble really is a game changer! 50% of the world’s population will think it is puerile. For the other 50%, it’s a must have killer app.

Don’t choose to be on the wrong 50%, download and install Wobble now!


So now you should buy Wobble Premium if you haven’t already! :-)

In the new version of Wobble Premium you can:

1.  Share and receive shared Wobbles – in the Free and Lite versions you cannot receive Wobbles from friends (you can still view them on a PC/Mac, but not the iPhone or iPod.) So here’s a hint: buy the premium version :-)

2. Blow on the Wobbles to make them move – this is pretty funny and must be seen :-) I’ll upload a video soon to demo.

3. You can send Wobbles to friends, even if they don’t have Wobble installed. They will get a link like this:

http://hotwobble.com/wobble/UpEqJR3ECPS3hLqpIJpDEQ in their email.

4. You can embed Wobbles in your blogs/profiles/social pages like this:

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